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Medidas Ambientales provides calibration laboratory services for simple measuring devices, such as digital clamp meters, multimeters, thermometers and manifold gauge sets.

We calibrate these devices with the frequency required by Spanish standards and/or according to customer requirements.

Environmental Impact Assessment applied to plans, programs and projects is responsible for analyzing any activity likely to have significant effects on the environment, ensuring a high level of environmental protection, in order to promote sustainable development.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is a part of environmental management tools, and aims to improve integration of the environmental dimension in the process of making strategic decisions related to the design, development and implementation of policies, plans and programs.

Medidas Ambientales has experience in designing environmental studies and making reports resulting from the evaluation process, which establish the basis that projects should accomplish in their implementation.

Medidas Ambientales provides these services in companies that are concerned with environment, by manufacturing products that reduce environmental effects in comparison with its competitors, and who have a strong commitment to reducing emissions of greenhouse (GHGs).

Life-cycle assessment (LCA) and carbon footprint calculation gives companies a better understanding on the impacts of all processes involved in the manufacture of their products .These techniques help us in re-defining our goals and policies to reduce emissions and energy consumption, so the cost-saving initiatives could be much more effective.

Products and services that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle, from the extraction of raw material through to production, use and disposal, can be granted with an EU Ecolabel.


Training and technical advisory. We offer advice and training for companies in need to acquire or expand knowledge in both environmental and radiological field:

  • Technical training related to radiological analysis and radiological environmental monitoring
  • Corporate environmental communication
  • Development of informative guides
  • Environmental training and awareness (courses, seminars, etc)