Indoor air quality testing

Companies are increasingly incorporating environmental criteria in to face the future, where compliance with environmental regulation, innovation and sustainability will be unavoidable.

Aware of this trend, we offer you our Indoor Air Quality Testing service, in compliance with RD 238 (Spanish regulation for thermal installations in buildings). This regulation requires an annual testing of air quality inside the building and an evaluation of HVAC systems, according to UNE 171330-1 and 2 standards, and the UNE AENOR 100012 standard. This regulation only applies to facilities with an installed power output above 70kW.

As a result of this review, Medidas Ambientales makes up a final report, which includes an evaluation of the compliance of measured values with their reference for each parameter. If a noncompliance is detected, corrective measures would be listed in a final report for their application.

This evaluation includes the measurement of required parameters specified in the standard, at least: temperature, relative humidity, CO2, CO, particulate matter, bacteria and fungi in air. Visual inspection of ducts and air handling units (AHU) is also performed, with a measure of air microbiology, duct surface microbiology, dust and particles adhered to duct surface and particulate matter concentration.

Why should your company carry on this evaluation?

  • To reduce maintenance costs and optimize subsequent cleaning processes.
  • To increase productivity by improving the working conditions of employees.
  • To improve brand image and employee commitment, by creating a healthy work environment.
  • To make sure your building complies with the regulations.
  • To identify and eliminate situations that could cause problems or anomalies in air quality.
  • To minimize or eliminate exposure to adverse environmental conditions for customers or users, which could eventually affect their health.