Radiological analysis on Food and Water

Tons of foodstuffs from abroad arrive daily to our country. All this food must pass rigorous tests to make sure is healthy and can be commercialized and consumed in our country.

To ensure the absence of radioactive contamination in these products, we perform control of import/export food, testing their radioisotope content.

We also carry out radiological analysis on drinking water, as required by Royal Decree 140/2003, by which health criteria for the quality of water for human consumption are established.

Regulation on drinking water requires measuring:

  • Total indicative dose calculation
  • Determination of tritium activity
  • Determination of gross alpha activity
  • Determination of gross beta activity
  • Determination of potassium-40 beta activity
Apart from drinking water distribution networks, groundwater is an important source of supply for human consumption, agriculture and livestock.

Groundwater surveillance plans are conducted to detect any change in groundwater quality, and include:

  • An initial evaluation of water situation
  • Conducting sampling campaigns
  • Measurement of in-situ parameters
  • Radiological analysis of groundwater
  • Evaluation and results reporting