Drinking water and wastewater

In Medidas Ambientales we are well aware of the importance of ensuring availability and quality of water intended for human consumption.

Proper management of water resources includes performing quality controls on drinking water in both distribution networks and sources of supply, such as aquifers, springs, rivers or reservoirs.

Royal Decree 140/2003, establishes quality criteria of drinking water based on different parametric values ​​, such as pH, conductivity, BOD-5, COD, etc.

In our laboratory we perform physic–chemical and microbiological tests required by law to ensure the quality of drinking water samples. We also offer our clients uploading these reports on SINAC application (National Information System of Water Consumption), property of the Ministry of Health.

Medidas Ambientales performs analysis on wastewater (industrial, domestic, sewage).

We are official cooperators of the Local Hydraulic Administration (ECAH) for testing freshwater and wastewater samples.

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