Detection and identification of Legionella

Legionellosis is an infectious disease with an environmental origin, caused by bacteria of the genus Legionella, mainly by Legionella pneumophylla.

Bacteria of this genus and species are often found in nature in low concentrations, but can be reproduced in large quantities in stagnant water, such as found in certain piping systems and water tanks, cooling towers and evaporative condensers of large air conditioning systems. That is why all facilities with these characteristic infrastructures (such as hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, etc.), must perform the treatments required to prevent Legionnaires’ outbreaks.

Along with the physical and chemical treatment to control Legionnaires’ outbreaks, microbiological tests are performed to detect the presence of this bacterium in drinking water, cooling towers, condensers or hot water.

Medidas Ambientales has implemented a certified method for the detection and identification of Legionella spp. and Legionella pneumophila in water samples.